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It is clear how models, habits and strategies that have sustained Design development over the last century have been slowly disappearing, exposing their weaknesses. For years, Design has supported the survival of traditional consumer behavior, through the creation of concepts of beauty, wellness, metropolis, architecture, interior and product design.
Design and manufacturing have been side by side since the very beginning. Through this alignment, design was able to accept manufacturing’s mission, mechanisms and values to achieve a problem-solving role without asking any questions on the paradigms of production, distribution and consumption.
However, questioning is the behavior that in topical historical moments was able to open up new ways of approaching the creation of man’s “home and things”. This competition aims to predict modern solutions to the incoming transformation of the product design industry. Projects that aim to envision possible futures based on the paradigms and values of new/different living spaces:

  • New manufacturing and production methods
  • Different approaches to using materials and energies
  • Rethinking the concepts of wellness and beauty
  • New ways of distributing, owning, accessing, consuming and using
  • A project able to show hints about paradigms and values of the future.




Candidates are required to submit:

  • Max 5 A3 boards in PDF or TIFF files that fully represent your design idea;
  • An abstract of the project: max 1 page;
  • Personal portfolio of works and projects;
  • Detailed curriculum vitae;
  • Motivation statement;
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree/Academic diploma translated into English/Italian;;
  • Academic transcript/marksheet of previous studies, translated into English/Italian, listing subjects and exams, with corresponding number of hours/credits;
  • Copy of passport;
  • NABA Master Programs Application Form – Academic Year 2019/2020

* Application fee is waived for competition participants


The competition is open to young designers coming from architecture, product design, and engineering faculties or professionals willing to explore the boundaries and constraints of the world of product design, acquiring and widening their knowledge, critical awareness, original thinking.

Are eligible candidates holding a first-level academic diploma or BA degree, or about to graduate within the academic year 2018/19 and with a knowledge of the Italian/English language (according to the medium of instruction of the program) equal to a complete B1 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (IELTS 5.0 or equivalent for English programs).


Projects will be evaluated and selected by the Faculty of the Two-year Master in Design – Product Design and the Admissions Jury.


Candidates are asked to send their materials in English or Italian and in two files in PDF format: one including the competition project and one including the remaining materials.

Projects in digital format must be uploaded here:

Apply now

Or materials can be sent by email to:

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours that your submission was received. If you do not receive a confirmation, let us know at: int.info@naba.it


  • May 10th 2019 – Deadline for submitting complete application documents and competition project;
  • May 30th 2019 – Communication of results to participants;
  • June 7h 2019 – Deadline for winners to enroll in the Two-year MA Program in Design – Product Design


The five best projects will be awarded a scholarship for partial coverage of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA in Design – Product Design starting in September 2019.

  • 1st prize: 1 scholarship covering 60% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program;
  • 2nd prize: 1 scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program;
  • 3rd prize: 1 scholarship covering 40% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program;
  • 2 special mentions covering 20% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program.

Prizes will be calculated on the standard tuition fee amounting to:

  • €11.360 for EU passport holders (Local Community Tax and Graduation Thesis Fee are not included)
  • €16.360 for non-EU passport holders (Local Community Tax and Graduation Thesis Fee are not included)

Policy for renewal to the 2nd academic year:

  • Achievement of at least 40 credits by the end of the 3rd exams session – Fall/September;
  • Weighted average not lower than 27/30 by the end of the 3rd exams session – Fall/September.

In order to obtain the renewal of the Scholarship for the 2nd academic year, the recipient should comply with NABA re-enrolment procedure and meet the requirements mentioned here above. At the end of the third exam session (Fall/September), the Registration office will check whether the recipient meets the requirements to renew the Scholarship. Scholarship confirmation will be communicated to the student by October 31st.


  • Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author.
  • The projects sent to NABA will not be returned.
  • NABA is entitled not to award the scholarship if the projects are deemed not to meet the suitable standards defined by the jury. The jury will judge at its own discretion and its decision is final.
  • The scholarships referred to in this competition announcement cannot be combined with DSU scholarships or other economic grants offered by NABA.
  • All scholarship amounts will be deducted for every academic year from the last instalment of Tuition Fees.
  • Scholarships awarded for the Two-year Master of Arts Degrees are calculated out of the yearly total cost net of the Regional Tax for the Right to University Education equal to 140 Euros.
  • If the candidate does not confirm the acceptance of the prize, the scholarship can be transferred to the next candidate in the ranking list.
  • The scholarship will be no longer applicable in case the student: does not enroll to NABA within the deadline set out by the competition announcement; renounces to attend university or demands to be transferred to another Academy/ University; incurs in more serious disciplinary penalties than written reprimand for infractions against NABA.
  • Awarded prizes cannot be deferred to future intakes of the program or to a different program.
  • Selected participants accept that part of their work will be published on Websites and/or Social Media channels of the institutions involved.