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In order to promote excellence in academic disciplines, NABA intends to support highly motivated and talented young people, by offering 20 scholarships that partially cover (25%) the tuition fees to attend Two-year Master of Arts and One-year Academic Masters starting in September 2020.
Scholarships will be awarded based on the evaluation of the candidate’s portfolio, motivation letter and curriculum vitae.

DEADLINE – 19th June 2020
INFORMATION – competitions@naba.it




Candidates willing to participate must submit the following materials:

  • Application for Participation (p. 3/3);
  • Application form (available at www.naba.it or upon request at int.info@naba.it)*;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Artistic/professional portfolio of projects**;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Previous transcripts and university degree certificate or first-level academic diploma (if already earned when making the application);
  • Valid Passport copy;
  • Certificate of knowledge of English or Italian – level B1 (according to the chosen program).

Candidates are asked to send their materials in English or Italian divided in two different files in PDF format. One PDF file must include the candidate’s portfolio, while the other must include all the remaining materials.


  • Students having a University Degree Certificate or a First Level Academic Diploma or equivalent title, earning that qualification within the last term of academic year 2019/20.
  • The selection will be also open to applicants having a proven professional experience in relevant fields for the chosen educational path.

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20 scholarships that partially cover (25%) the tuition fees to attend Two-year Master of Arts and One-year Academic Masters starting in September 2020.


Applications will be evaluated and selected by NABA Faculty and Admissions Jury.
In case of equal assessment, the highest position in the list will be graded according to the weighted average of the exams passed during the undergraduate degree/first-level university diploma until the date of application for admission.


The deadline for sending applications is June 19th, 2020.

Candidates who have been awarded a scholarship must enroll within and not later than July 6th, 2020, otherwise the scholarship will be cancelled.
Scholarships which are awarded but not accepted will be transferred to the following candidate in the list, provided that the latter is deemed eligible.


  • Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author.
  • The projects/portfolios sent to NABA will not be returned.
  • NABA is entitled not to award the scholarship if the projects are deemed not to meet the suitable standards defined by the jury. The jury will judge at its own discretion and its decision is final.
  • The scholarships referred to in this competition announcement cannot be combined with DSU scholarships or other economic grants offered by NABA.
  • NABA students and former NABA students, being entitled to specific economic grants, are not entitled to participate.
  • Policy for renewal to the 2nd academic year:
  • Achievement of at least 40 credits by the end of the 3rd exams session – Fall/September;
  • Weighted average not lower than 27/30 by the end of the 3rd exams session – Fall/September. In order to obtain the renewal of the scholarship for the 2nd academic year, the recipient should comply with NABA re-enrollment procedure and meet the requirements mentioned here above. At the end of the third exam session (Fall/September), the Registration office will check whether the recipient meets the requirements to renew the scholarship. Scholarship confirmation will be communicated to the student by October 31st.
  • All scholarship amounts will be deducted for every academic year from the last instalment of Tuition Fees.
  • Scholarship amounts for Two-year Master of Arts are calculated out of the yearly total cost net of the Regional Tax for the Right to University Education equal to 140 Euro.
  • The scholarship will be no longer applicable in case the student does not enroll to NABA within the deadline set out by the competition announcement; renounces to attend university or demands to be transferred to another Academy/University; incurs in more serious disciplinary penalties than written reprimand for infractions against NABA.
  • Awarded prizes cannot be deferred to future intakes of the program or to a different program.
  • Selected participants accept that part of their work will be published on websites and/or social media channels of the institutions involved.



Applicants, who do not have an artistic/professional portfolio relevant to the subject, are required to present an additional essay in PDF format. Candidates will choose a topic related to the art market and select 3 to 5 articles from field magazines, websites, publications, etc., national and/or international. After collecting enough materials — to be included in the PDF document — the
applicants will produce a critical summary document of maximum one folder, where they will analyze the selected articles and demonstrate their critical skills, artistic sensibility and knowledge of the subject.

FOR THE ACADEMIC MASTER IN CREATIVE ADVERTISING please refer to the specific tasks indicated in the Application form, at page 4.