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scholarship competition announcement

In order to promote excellence in academic disciplines, NABA intends to support highly motivated and talented young people, by offering 35 scholarships that partially cover (60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%) the tuition fees to attend two-year postgraduate degrees in Communication Design, Design – Specialization in Product Design, Design – Specialization Interior Design, Fashion & Textile Design, Visual Arts and Curatorial studies. Scholarships will be awarded according to the candidates’ portfolio and/or curriculum vitae assessment by the Coordinating Director of the chosen program.


• Students having a university degree certificate or a first-level academic diploma, or earning that qualification within the last term of a. y. 2017/18.
• The selection will be also open to students having non-academic qualifications or having a proven professional experience in relevant fields for the chosen educational path.


The deadline for sending applications is October 19th 2018.




Candidates willing to participate must submit the following materials:

  • application for participation (p. 3/3)
  • application for admission (download it here )
  • curriculum vitae
  • artistic/professional portfolio
  • motivation letter
  • previous study plans and university degree certificate or first-level academic diploma (if already earned when making the application)
  • certificates of other courses or seminars attended, if any
  • valid Passport copy
  • certificate of knowledge of English or Italian – level B1.2 (according to the chosen program)


The best projects will be awarded a scholarship for partial coverage of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the selected MA Programs starting in February 2019.

  • 1st prize: nr. 1 scholarship per program covering 60% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program (either in English or Italian language)
  • 2nd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program (either in English or Italian language)
  • 3rd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 40% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program (either in English or Italian language)
  • 4th prize: nr. 2 special mentions covering 30% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program (either in English or Italian language)
  • 5th prize: nr. 2 special mentions covering 20% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program (either in English or Italian language)


All interested students can submit their application by filling in the Application for Participation (p. 3/3) and uploading complete digital documentation clicking the button below:

Apply now

alternatively materials can be sent by email to:

or shipped to:
NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano
International Admissions Office
Via Darwin, 20 – 20143 Milan, Italy

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours that your submission was received. If you do not receive a confirmation, let us know at: int.info@naba.it


The list of scholarship awards will be published on www.naba.it, and results will be communicated by email to students within November 8th, 2018.


Candidates who have been awarded a scholarship must enrol within and no later than November 15th 2018, otherwise the scholarship will be revoked.

The scholarships awarded but not accepted will be transferred to the following candidate in the list, provided that the latter will be deemed as eligible.

General Conditions

• For Two-year Postgraduate Degrees, the scholarship is renewed for the second academic year provided that the student passes a number of exams totalling at least 40 credits within the Fall term of a. y. 2017/18, having an average mark not lower than 27/30.
• Also students who have already been admitted to a program can file their Application for Participation.
• All scholarship amounts will be deducted for every academic year from the last instalment of Tuition Fees.
• Scholarship amounts for Two-year Postgraduate Degrees are calculated out of the yearly total cost net of the Regional Tax for the Right to University Education equal to 140 Euros.
• The scholarship will be no longer applicable in case the student: does not enrol to NABA within the deadline set out by the competition announcement; renounces to attend university or demands to be transferred to another Academy/ University; incurs in more serious disciplinary penalties than written reprimand for infractions against NABA.
• Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author. The projects sent to NABA will not be returned.
• The scholarship presented in this public announcement cannot be combined with other economic reductions offered by NABA.
• Participants that will be selected accept that part of their work will be published on Websites and/or Social Media channels of the institutions involved